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The NEXUS UNITY operating system is a (soft) derivative of Debian 11 “Bullseye”.
It contains the same software as the source code, but is tested and verified for compatibility before being released to the public/stable branch.
We maintain our additional software in a separate repository to keep the structure clean and understandable.
The source code for our software can be found on Github.

Excellent hardware support

We ensure that our hardware is extensively supported by our software at all levels:

  • Firmware update support for all modules/devices.
  • Advanced Linux kernel build that includes all necessary drivers and performance enhancements
    • Includes stable driver backports from latest Linux
  • User-space drivers, frameworks and services with support for all hardware features

Supports automated deployment and management

Our products are designed to be installed and configured in a fully automated manner, this includes the ability to mass deploy and maintain.

For this reason, we support Ansible out-of-the-box.
With our Freeloader tool, you can deliver and configure the entire OS image over the network.

Smart Home

Long-term updates

Our products are designed for sustainability and many years of use, so we support them with updates and upgrades as long as they are used.
End-of-life is not planned.

Thanks to our open source strategy, support independent of us is also possible.

Smart Home

Support for alternative software

Unlike other vendors, we do not lock our platform, including our firmware, against alternative software.

You can typically boot other Raspberry Pi CM3 compatible Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch…) out-of-the-box on our hardware.

The firmware on our microcontrollers can be easily exchanged via bootloader or directly via the SWD interface.

API Documentation

Our APIs are open and well documented.

Component selection

When selecting components for our platform, we prefer durable, maintainable, well documented and open products.

IO Modul Tests

Automated test system

To ensure comprehensive quality, we focus intensively on continuous integration and fully automated testing for all our products.
This includes intensive testing of hardware functions for most modules.

IO Modul Tests
IO Modul Tests