Modular design

The NOREYA NEXUS UNITY platform is based on a fully modular concept.

The core components are located on a mainboard that offers 6 universal expansion slots with USB & SDBP support for a wide range of applications.
An additional power supply slot allows mounting of different types of power supplies (AC/DC/PoE).

This allows the setup to be perfectly configured for any type of requirement and enables easy reconfiguration and subsequent replacement.

Smart Home

Industrial grade components

To ensure smooth operation, we use industrial-grade components, redundant data storage and fail-safe design principles.
The operating ambient temperature for all modules is at least -25°C to 70°C.

Redundant storage

The data is stored on two SD cards and mirrored, a so-called RAID1.
This ensures that if one SD card fails, the system continues to run normally.

Fail-safe design

Our software and firmware is developed according to fail-safe aspects, which means that in case of an error the system switches to a stable state.
All modules are protected in several stages against damage to the hardware.


Certified Hardware

Our hardware is certified and meets the requirements of the European Union (CE), the USA (FCC) and Canada (ISED).
This means you can operate it safely in these and many other regions.


Durable and repairable

In addition to our software support we offer a simple repair service for our hardware products.
Due to the simple design and our repair guides, self-repair is also possible without any problems.