For Developers

If you are interested in our platform as a developer you should read our documentation.
Some specific details can be found in the technical details and RESTful API section.
You can find our repositories on Github. (The Github repo is still under construction!)

Hardware development kits for open source developers

We want to support any interesting Open Source Smart Home project for our platform!

If you are an active developer/maintainer of such a project, you can request a development kit with modules of your choice at a great discount or even for free in special cases.

Please note that this offer is at our discretion, limited and will be reviewed individually.
Note: Since our product is not yet available, we are currently only accepting requests to participate in the beta/pre-release test.
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Offer for business

If you are interested in selling our products, want to buy larger quantities or need B2B support please contact us by email or request form.

Offer for hardware developers

You have built a compatible hardware module for a non-existing interface or would like to do so?
Then our hardware initiative might be interesting for you.

We offer you the possibility to certify, produce and sell the hardware for you.
In return we give you a share of the proceeds, the share depends on the quality of the design and on how much tasks and risks we have to take over.
For more information, see here.

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